DocAsCode Documentation

The toolchain for producing and delivering Office Open XML files

This site hosts the technical documentation for DocAsCode. DocAsCode is a command line tool which makes it easy for tech writers to review and deliver Office Open XML documentation. As a tech writer, you simply author content in your docx document, DocAsCode process your commits to give a markdown preview in your Merge/Pull Requests. You then define a packaging workflow to deliver your docs:

  • filter docs

  • rename with internal metadata and/or build metadata

  • convert to PDF format

  • diff against delivered version and/or git revision

  • archive

  • deploy archives and/or individual docs

Manage docs as code

With DocAsCode, you manage Office Open XML files docs as code. That means your documentation process benefits from the same practices used to produce successful software.

Some of these practices include:

  • Storing content in a version control system.

  • Leveraging automation for compilation, validation, verification, and delivering.

DocAsCode helps you incorporate these practices into your docx workflow by enabling diff and merge of such files. As a result, your documentation is much easier to manage, maintain, and enhance.


DocAsCode requires: